We are WordPress professionals

Support Hour Booking

  • Project Meeting

    Would you like to discuss your WordPress project.

    We will gladly take an hour to discuss your project with you.

    Whether you just want to get tips on how best to create your WordPress page, or whether you want to collaborate or commission to create a website.

  • Error Analysis

    WordPress has about 20,000 designs and 50,000 plugins.

    Therefore, it is not possible to offer flat-rate support solutions. Each WordPress website has different plugins and a different design and thus different sources of error.

    So it always starts with an analysis.

    We look at your website and try to locate the source of the error. If there is a minor problem, it will be fixed immediately.

    If it is a problem where 1h is not enough, we will talk to you about a possible solution and the costs.

  • Plugin installation and, if necessary, setup

    There are also no flat-rate solutions for plugins (extensions). The agencies that program these plugins are located in all countries of the world and are therefore more or less professional.

    If we want to install a plugin for you, we will use the first hour to test the plugin and, if it is professional, to install it.

    However, we will also give you feedback if we advise against the plugin.

    If the plugin does not require any further settings, 1 hour is sufficient.

    However, a lot of plugins have to be set and partly translated. This can take several hours.

    We will inform you and discuss with you the next steps.

  • Other Support Tasks

    Tell us about your problem.
    We take an hour to see everything. We will then discuss a strategy.

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